Partnership Programs

 Securing Sustainable Funding for Accelerated Progress

To fuel our ambitious vision, we aim to secure funding from a diverse pool of donors, including governments and philanthropic organizations, with an annual budget goal of up to half a billion US dollars. This substantial investment will empower us to:


Accelerate scientific breakthroughs: By investing heavily in research and development, we can drive the creation of innovative treatments for some of the world's most challenging chronic diseases.


Expand global access to treatments:  We are committed to ensuring that our groundbreaking therapies are accessible to the privileged few and those who need them most, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status.


Targeting Solutions for Widespread Chronic Diseases

Our research and development efforts are strategically focused on addressing some of the most prevalent and burdensome chronic diseases worldwide, including:


Alzheimer's disease: We are developing novel therapies to slow or potentially even reverse the progression of this devastating neurodegenerative disease.


Severe obesity and type 2 diabetes: We are pioneering innovative approaches to tackling the global obesity epidemic and its associated metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes.


Cancer: Our research spans multiple cancer types, focusing on developing targeted therapies with greater efficacy and fewer side effects.


Kidney failure: We are working to develop both preventative measures and novel treatments for kidney failure, a growing global health concern.


Infectious disease immunization:  We are dedicated to developing new and improved vaccines to combat infectious diseases and strengthen global immunity.



The Power of Global Collaboration

We firmly believe that global challenges demand global solutions. Therefore, we are committed to forging strong partnerships with:

-        International health organizations:  By collaborating with leading health entities, we can leverage collective expertise, resources, and infrastructure to maximize our impact.

-        Research centers worldwide: We actively seek partnerships with renowned research institutions worldwide to foster scientific exchange, share knowledge, and accelerate the pace of discovery.


Global Cooperation:  The Heart of Our Mandate


At the very core of our mission lies a deep commitment to global cooperation. We believe that by working together, sharing knowledge, and pooling resources, we can overcome global health challenges and create a healthier future for all.

Our Initiative