Directors & Scientific Advisory Board

Interdisciplinary Expertise 


Required Expertise for Innovative Nutrient Research Project


Dr. Sherif Salah – Bio Cino & Leadership Human Immunity


Immunology Specialization:

-        Expert Leadership: Dr. Sherif Salah, a pioneering scientist and Bio Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) spearheads the efforts to understand how the identified nutrients influence the human immune system.

-        Advanced Research: His in-depth knowledge and innovative approach position him as a key leader in the field of immunology.


 Effectiveness Evaluation:

-        Comprehensive Analysis: Under Dr. Salah's leadership, a dedicated team of immunology experts meticulously evaluates the nutritional impact on immune responses.

-        Enhanced Immunity: The team ensures that the nutrients under study effectively enhance human immunity, using rigorous scientific methods to validate their findings.



Dr. Sherif Salah's expertise and leadership in immunology are crucial to the success of this innovative nutrient research project. They ensure that the nutrients developed are effective and beneficial for human health.


Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee: Pioneering Innovator in Cutting-Edge Technologies. Chief Executive Officer & Head of Innovation (CINO) / Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO):


-        Catch-Up Technology Innovator: As a forward-thinking leader, Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee drives innovation and technological advancements in various cutting-edge fields. Such as Artificial Gravity, Microgravity, Aerospace, Surfaces, and Underwater Technologies and Innovations

-        Leadership Role: His leadership encompasses strategic planning and overseeing the integration of novel technologies within the organization.



Logistics Expertise

-        Unparalleled Experience: Dr. Al-Samaraee brings unparalleled expertise in managing and optimizing logistical nutrition for harsh environments.

-        Specialized Applications: His expertise extends to improving nutrient delivery systems and ensuring efficient and reliable food supply for astronauts in space and submarine crews underwater. He tackles each distinct environment's unique challenges, enhancing their operational efficiency and well-being.


Pioneering Accelerated Biological Research

-        Creation of Artificial Microgravity Environments: Dr. Al-Samaraee is at the forefront of developing artificial environments that simulate microgravity on Earth's surface.

-        Enhancing Research Capabilities: These innovations accelerate biological research by providing scientists with the means to study the effects of microgravity without the need for space missions. This advancement significantly bolsters our understanding of biological processes and adaptations under varied gravitational conditions.


Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee's multifaceted expertise and innovative leadership make him pivotal in advancing artificial gravity, microgravity, space, surfaces, and underwater technologies. His comprehensive approach ensures the successful implementation of advanced solutions, driving progress and discovery in these specialized fields.


Synthetic Biology


Contributions to NASA’s Synthetic Biology Portfolio:

Specialized Knowledge: Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee and Dr. Sherif Salah bring their specialized backgrounds in synthetic biology to the project.

-        Innovative Approaches: Their collaborative efforts fall within NASA’s broader synthetic biology initiatives, pushing the boundaries of using engineered biological systems for advanced nutrient development and deployment.


This comprehensive team, leveraging expertise in diverse, crucial fields, ensures the project's success in developing and implementing advanced nutrients for specialized and challenging environments.


Team Requirements:

-        Diverse Skills: We need innovators and experts in biotechnology, engineering, software development, human immunology, and oncology.

-        Continuous Training: Providing innovative education and training to keep pace with technological advancements.


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