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About the ASHKM Global Initiative

The ASHKM meaning, Adore My Wellness


Presented by:

Dr. Sherif Salah and Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee

We are thrilled to introduce the ASHKM Initiative, a pioneering endeavor dedicated to addressing one of humanity's most universal and impactful challenges: aging. Our mission is to extend healthy human lifespans and deepen our understanding of aging. While everyone ages, the experience and quality of aging can vary greatly.


As innovative scientists, we have observed that the quality of aging on Earth and in space is not improving satisfactorily. Despite increased life expectancy, the prevalence of chronic diseases has risen. People are living longer, but not necessarily better. With the global population aging, non-communicable and infectious diseases, such as those seen during the coronavirus pandemic, have become leading causes of death. Aging is now humanity's most pressing challenge, demanding immediate attention after climate change.


Established in 2019, the ASHKM Initiative is the flagship project of a non-profit Consortium committed to making significant strides in age-related nutrition and therapies. We are dedicated to self-funding global scientific breakthroughs, investing in private partnerships, and supporting entrepreneurs focused on anti-aging science. By harnessing laboratories that facilitate artificial microgravity, we aim to substantially slow down the aging process and its associated effects.


Changing Accepted Views

Aging is not yet widely recognized as a treatable medical, scientific, and biological condition. We have boldly campaigned to harness world-class resources and talent to advance health. Our approach shifts from reactive improvements to proactive prevention. We aim to engage individual scientists, entrepreneurs, and public and private sector organizations worldwide, valuing their unique contributions. Our work spans geographies and disciplines, ensuring fairness, scalability, and responsibility.


Building New Incentives

We need a global set of independent incentives to encourage researchers, academic institutions, professional organizations, business people, and governments to attract the best and brightest talent. Our daily efforts focus on building, strengthening, and protecting these incentives.


Lessons from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of older adults, particularly those with pre-existing chronic conditions. However, it has also demonstrated that scientific breakthroughs are possible when alignment and incentives are in place. We need the same focus, discipline, and support to develop new methods and treatments to mobilize top talent.


A Transparent Global Organization

The ASHKM Initiative, meaning Adore My Wellness, aims to inspire scholars and sponsors. As a non-profit program, we are dedicated to collaboration and disseminating innovative information. We seek to democratize science and knowledge through partnerships, grants, and investments in longevity research. Our goal is to alleviate chronic diseases and ultimately restore lifespans.


Our experienced management team includes elite scientists, clinicians, grant experts, and investment professionals, guided by global consultants and thought leaders.


We support cutting-edge, peer-reviewed science, particularly applied research on therapeutic aging approaches. By funding science on a larger scale with longer investment horizons, we offer a commercial mentality that traditional academic research often lacks. Our products, including new types of nutritional supplements and skin and body care creams, are designed for easy marketability and significant results.


Balancing Funding, Scientific Integrity, and Regional Priorities

We aim to secure funding from diverse donors, including governments, with an annual budget goal of up to half a billion US dollars. This funding will help accelerate scientific progress and distribute our treatments more widely worldwide. Our products target multiple chronic diseases, including Alzheimer's, severe obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, and infectious disease immunization.


We strive to work closely with global entities and research centers that share our mission and goals. Global success depends on global cooperation, which is our mandate's heart.


Giving the Elderly a Better Future

Today, we celebrate a significant milestone, a testament to the collective efforts of our global team. This achievement reflects our shared commitment and dedication to our mission. The ASHKM Initiative represents a powerful opportunity to catalyze health transformation worldwide, ensuring a better future for the elderly and promoting health equity across the globe.



A.First Outcomes: 


After an arduous five-year journey of unwavering dedication to research and development, our project has achieved a significant milestone- creating ten unique products. These products, a testament to our unwavering commitment to holistic wellness, are categorized as follows:


1.                   Comprehensive Micronutrition:

In a world where aging impacts the body at a cellular level, we've pioneered three distinct types of nutritional supplements. These supplements are meticulously crafted to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of essential micronutrients often lacking in modern diets. This approach transcends mere deficiencies; it strives to provide optimal nourishment for individuals whose bodies have begun to experience the natural effects of aging, including those in the early stages of age-related organ decline.  By offering this profound nutritional support, our supplements aim to protect and restore the body's biological age, promoting longevity, enhanced vitality, and overall well-being.

2.                   Restorative Skincare:

Complementing our internal approach, we've developed a line of seven distinct skincare creams. Each cream is scientifically formulated to target specific visible signs of aging, addressing concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and loss of elasticity. These creams leverage potent, clinically tested ingredients to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level, working to reverse the visible effects of time and restore a more youthful, radiant complexion.


Conclusion of First Outcomes:

Our Comprehensive Micronutrition supplements and Restorative Skincare line represent a multi-faceted approach to aging. We believe that true well-being encompasses both inner health and outer radiance, and our products are designed to support individuals on their journey of aging gracefully and vibrantly.


B.Second Outcomes: 


Below is a revised list of the diseases mentioned, reorganized to approximate the number of patients worldwide. The figures are rough estimates, as they vary yearly depending on the data source. 

ASHKM provides a treatment solution for the list of incurable diseases and their corresponding healing solutions through precision nutrition. 

Please provide ASHKM with the list of incurable diseases you are interested in.


Chronic Incurable Diseases (by number of patients)


1.    Diabetes

-        Number of Patients: ~537 million globally (Type 2 combined)


2.    Heart disease

-        Number of Patients: ~523 million people living with cardiovascular diseases


3.    Alzheimer’s Disease

-        Number of Patients: ~55 million people living with dementia (Alzheimer’s being the most common cause)


4.    HIV/AIDS

-        Number of Patients: ~38 million people living with HIV/AIDS


5.    Multiple Sclerosis

-        Number of Patients: ~2.8 million globally


6.    Parkinson’s Disease

-         Number of Patients: ~8.5 million globally


Common Types of Cancer (by number of new cases per year)


7.    Breast Cancer

-        Number of New Cases Per Year: ~2.3 million



8.    Colorectal Cancer

-        Number of New Cases Per Year: ~1.9 million


9.    Prostate Cancer

-        Number of New Cases Per Year: ~1.4 million


10.                   Stomach Cancer

-         Number of New Cases Per Year: ~1 million



Immunodeficiency Disorders (general estimates as exact patient counts are harder to determine)


11.                   Secondary Immunodeficiency Disorders

-        Number of Patients: Numbers are not exact due to various causes, but they are significantly higher than primary immunodeficiencies.


12.                   Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders

-        Number of Patients: ~6 million globally (estimated)


Additional Conditions


13.                   Autoimmune Diseases Affecting Immune System (Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis)

-        Number of Patients: ~100 million globally (for all types of autoimmune diseases)


Signs and Complications (no direct count)


14.                   Chronic infections and related immune impairments:

-        Numbers vary widely depending on the specific condition and geographic prevalence.



These estimates give a rough hierarchy of the number of people affected by these diseases. However, they can change with new research, treatments, and shifts in public health strategies.


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