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The SSMS BioNutrients Innovation Program Joint Business Group, known by the acronym ASHKM, is a dynamic global initiative launched in 2019. It is led by the forward-thinking pair, Dr. Sherif Salah and Dr. Muayad Alsamaraee.

ASHKM represents a strategic partnership between ASHMAN-DermaCure in Egypt and KMWSH-SD, an Innovation Labs and Technology Transfer Unit operating across Turkey and Canada. Under the umbrella of the MD Consortium, this alliance fosters innovative projects, creating a collaborative environment for groundbreaking initiatives.

At its core, ASHKM signifies the amalgamation of expertise, creativity, and transformative impact, marking a significant advancement in the field of bio-nutrients and beyond.

BioNutrients are essential substances vital to the health and vitality of all living organisms. These substances are produced by adaptable microorganisms that can survive in diverse environments, from the ocean depths to the vast expanse of space.

BioNutrients include a wide range of components such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, and phytochemicals. They are crucial in preventing nutrient deficiencies, enhancing immune function, managing health conditions, and promoting overall wellness.

Supplements are products formulated to supplement the diet with one or more dietary ingredients, including BioNutrients. They come in various forms like pills, capsules, powders, liquids, or gels, and provide additional health and performance benefits to individuals in different contexts.

Skincare products harness the power of BioNutrients to protect, heal, and improve the skin. Although they do not contain medicinal ingredients, these products nourish and repair the skin, mitigating external damage. The use of skincare products can significantly enhance skin health and appearance, thereby boosting the user’s mood and self-confidence.

The SSMS BioNutrients Program is an innovative initiative that combines biology, engineering, and space science. The program aims to develop BioNutrients, supplements, and skincare products that enhance human disease resistance in various settings. This program embodies creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for innovation and exploration.

The program collaborates with immunology experts to study the impact of these products on the human immune system, a complex network that protects us from harmful microbes and diseases. The SSMS BioNutrients Program breaks traditional boundaries, providing nourishment to astronauts in space, submarine crews underwater, and underserved populations on Earth.

Disease resistance, the ability to fend off infections caused by harmful microorganisms, is influenced by genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. These factors include our dietary habits, physical activity levels, and stress management techniques.


Consuming BioNutrients, substances vital to the health and well-being of living organisms, is an effective strategy to enhance our disease resistance.

BioNutrients, which include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, and phytochemicals, are essential elements of natural foods and supplements. Incorporating them into our diet can greatly improve our health and wellness by preventing nutrient deficiencies, strengthening the immune system, assisting in the management of health conditions, and promoting overall well-being.

The Life Sciences Team at SSMS is a strong advocate for the use of BioNutrients, supplements, and skincare products to enhance human resilience against diseases. The use of these products can strengthen our immune system and reduce our dependence on medications, aligning with our commitment to promote a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Launched in 2019, the SSMS BioNutrients Program is a broad initiative that draws on a wide range of expertise.

Our Initiative