MD Consortium Founder & President

Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee

A Transdisciplinary Architect of Innovation


Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee embodies the archetype of a transdisciplinary innovator, seamlessly weaving together insights from disparate fields to engineer novel solutions for complex global challenges. His leadership, characterized by a rare fusion of scientific acumen, business acumen, and strategic foresight, has been instrumental in positioning the MD-Consortium (since 2003) and the Samaraee Consortium (since 1993) at the vanguard of national security engineering innovation.



Deconstructing Complex Systems, Engineering Elegant Solutions:

Alsamaraee's core strength lies in his ability to deconstruct complex systems, identify critical leverage points, and orchestrate multifaceted solutions that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. This systems-thinking approach is evident in his multifaceted contributions as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO):


1.    Bridging the Science-Implementation Gap:  Alsamaraee excels at translating intricate scientific concepts into actionable strategic roadmaps, fostering a culture of rapid prototyping, iterative development, and real-world deployment.


2.    Catalyzing Cross-Sector Collaboration: Recognizing that the most pressing challenges demand multi-dimensional solutions, Alsamaraee has cultivated a robust collaboration ecosystem, bringing together stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and non-profit sectors.


3.    Championing a Culture of Innovation:  Beyond his technical prowess, Alsamaraee catalyzes organizational change, fostering a culture that embraces experimentation, values calculated risk-taking and celebrates successes and learning opportunities.



Core Competencies: A Synergy of Expertise:

Alsamaraee's leadership is underpinned by a potent blend of core competencies honed over decades of experience:


1.    Project Management: Expertly navigating the complexities of large-scale projects, ensuring on-time and within-budget delivery through meticulous planning, resource allocation, and execution.


2.    Strategic Foresight: Possessing a keen understanding of emerging trends and disruptive technologies, Alsamaraee steers organizational strategy with a long-term vision, anticipating future challenges and opportunities.


3.    Analytical Prowess: Alsamaraee is a data-driven decision-maker who leverages his deep analytical skills to identify patterns, extract insights, and inform strategic direction.


4.    Impact Through Communication:  Alsamaraee masterfully communicates complex ideas to diverse audiences, leveraging his exceptional leadership and communication skills to inspire, persuade, and build consensus.



In conclusion, Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee's legacy extends beyond specific inventions or technologies.  He exemplifies transdisciplinary leadership, demonstrating the transformative power of synergistic thinking, collaborative innovation, and a relentless pursuit of solutions that benefit humanity.

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