Cell-Free Systems

[21:59, 24.06.2024] Muayed Davood: Synthetic biology represents a fertile landscape for innovation, marked by the continual emergence of advancements and novel technologies. Within this realm, Cell-Free Systems stand out as critical drivers propelling the field forward:

Cell-Free Systems:

1. Cell-Free Expression Systems: These systems enable synthesizing proteins and other biomolecules in vitro, independent of living cellular environments. This approach affords researchers enhanced control over reaction parameters and streamlines the biomolecule production process.

2. Cell-Free Biosensors: These devices utilize cell-free extracts, which incorporate engineered biological components, to create portable, rapid diagnostic tools. These biosensors are designed to detect pathogens, toxins, and various molecules of interest, offering a swift and efficient method for diagnostics.

[21:59, 24.06.2024] Muayed Davood: